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I can tailor your walking tour to your interests but sometimes it can help to get some ideas...

How long do you have?

Just a morning or an afternoon? Perhaps a whole day to explore?

Some Inspiration...

A house that fell down? This church saw a royal wedding? Where’s that statue of a dog?

What makes a monument controversial? Which king didn’t know what you wear underneath your kilt? Which inventor married his student?

Why did the Bard come to the capital… The second tallest monument to a writer in the world… A lamppost that inspired a sickly child… and where Rebus drinks!

Platform 9 ¾, JK’s handprints, the local Quidditch team…

So there’s a statue of Queen Victoria – but which other women should we remember?

Polish war heroes. Caribbean servant or slave? Extradited from Amsterdam!

Suitable for our youngest visitors – help me find a dragon, a parrot, some dogs, elephants, giraffes – oh and maybe a mythical beast…

Other things to consider...

Fees are based on how long your tour lasts:
Half Day – anything up to 4 hours
Full Day – anything up to 8 hours

To start your tour, I’m happy to meet you at your Edinburgh hotel, or at a landmark.

Do you have an attraction, like Edinburgh Castle, in mind? We can include that on your tour too!

Are there folk in your party who are younger, or who walk a bit slower? We can adapt the route and stories to children, and to those who need to sit down a little more often, or who use a wheelchair. And comfort breaks are included in every walk!

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